Swans on Lake Miramichi

Below are the links to Lake Miramichi Property Owner Services

Member Services:

  • TRASH DISPOSAL: The dumpsite is accessed via a card reader system and is for use by paid-up homeowners for the disposal of common household waste only. Mattresses, furniture, major construction project waste (wallboard, shingles, etc.), tires, and TVs are not to be put into the dumpsters or left at the dump site. However, all metals – even major appliances – may be left by the tree inside the fence and immediately to the right of the entrance gate. Please break down cardboard boxes to help save space.
  • Replacement Trash Disposal Cards are available for $20. Contact: [email protected] or Call Lynne at 616-594-0797.
  • CAMPGROUND: As camping is not permitted on lots with or without houses, the Lake Miramichi Campground is the only authorized site for camping. Directions: The campground’s main entrance is located south of the main entrance on 90th Avenue. Toilets and trash receptacles are available on-site. There is no charge for camping but permits are required and can be requested by calling 616-594-0797 or filling out the Campground form.
  • CLUBHOUSE: The Clubhouse can be rented for special occasions via [email protected]. Please fill out the Clubhouse form.
  • LAKE MANAGEMENT: LMPOA has contracted with Professional Lake Management to keep our precious lake in the best possible condition. They inspect to determine when and where to treat with chemicals to augment our weed harvesting program. They will post signs in each yard notifying homeowners of their treatment and any restrictions for lake/water use.
  • ROADS, GRADING, AND PLOWING: LMPOA has contracted for road repairs, grading, and snow plowing in the winter. Road restoration and maintenance continue according to long-range plans and immediate needs. Road improvement projects are illustrated here.
  • LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE: LMPOA has contracted for the common areas at the beach/clubhouse, main entrance area and road shoulders to be mowed regularly.
  • WEBSITE: Note the new design of the LMPOA website with new features. Please notify us if you are having any problems logging in or viewing the site.
  • BOAT LAUNCH RAMP, POWERED WATERCRAFT: The card-activated sliding gate at the entrance of the boat launch ramp is up and running! The installation of this technology represents a big step forward for preserving our lake by protecting it from unauthorized use, and we hope to reap the same positive results from this initiative as we have from installing the card-activated gate at the dump site. A few points:
    • (1) Your access cards are permanent; new cards will not be distributed yearly. Replacement cards are available for $50. Contact us at [email protected] or 616-594-0797.
    • (2) The access card of a property owner whose account is overdue will be deactivated until the account is paid up.
    • (3) A Member may not use or lend his card to bring in – or allow any guest or non-member to bring in – any powered watercraft other than that/those belonging to the Member. Penalty for violation, $250 fine, and deactivation of the card until the fine is paid. (4) Any subdivision property owner who brings any powered watercraft not registered with the Association will be fined $250.
  • *All powered watercraft must travel COUNTERCLOCKWISE around the lake. No watercraft may be operated faster than five (5) miles per hour prior to 9:00 AM or after 7:00 PM on all calendar days. Powered watercraft pulling tubes, wakeboards,  skiers, etc., need both a driver and a spotter in the watercraft, state watercraft law.
  • *All persons driving motorized vehicles (including ATVs and motorbikes) are expected to drive safely, observe posted speed limits, and drive in a manner not harmful to the roads. Vehicle operation must comply with all speed laws and other rules posted by the Association. The Michigan ORV/ATV laws apply in the development. For a child to ride an ATV, they need to be at least 10 years old, wear a crash helmet, complete an ORV Rider Safety Education Course, and be under the visual supervision of an adult.  
  • *All watercraft and motorized vehicles must be affixed with 2020-2021 Association stickers.
  • *Dogs MUST be confined to their owner’s property; otherwise, they MUST be leashed.