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Lake Miramichi Drone View
Photo used for Public Commons Use for Overview of Lake Miramichi with credit to Wilson Photography photograph from 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lake Miramichis is private property owned by the residents of the association with each owner having a personal residence, seasonal cottage, or lot(s) within the association.

Does Lake Miramichi have a public Landing to launch boats?

No, Lake Miramichi is a privately owned lake association owned by the members.

Can any just drive through and look at the residences and scenery?

No the roads that lead into Lake Miramichi and the roads the provide access to member community are private. You could get a warning for treaspassing or be arrested for same. Depending on what happened while you were illegally on member private property.

Are there any lots for sale or homes for sale within the Lake Miramichi Property Owners Association?

Yes, lots and some homes are for sale. Some homes are listed by realtors others are listed as for sale by owner. The association do not provide a list of property or homes for sale.

If I purchase a home or lot(s) to build on are there any restrictions?

Yes, the LMPOA (Lake Miramichi Property Owners Association) have bylaws and rules that govern the building process. Just like anywhere else you must have approval of design and square footage from the Archetectural commitee.

Do owners have their own wells or is there a public system for water access to homes and property?

At this time each homeowner has a well and septic tank. The septic tank may no longer be an issue. We are negotiating a contract for general sewer service. An initial hookup charge will be invoiced at a lower rate than if the property owner decides later to hook up. At present we have not made the hookup to the sewer system mandatory based on run-off or lake contamination from septic systems.

Dues, are they paid annually like most associations?

Yes, dues are paid each year usually March 1st. The due dates can be modified depending on needs via a special assessment. The dues can also be fixed with a special assessments.

How are board members selected?

Lake Miramichi Property Owners Association LLC has voting and nominating guidelines stated within the bylaws and rules governing our LMPOA. The bylaws and rules are available for a $25.00 printing and access fee if you want a hard copy. The bylaws and rules are fees to homeowners and property owners. If lost and a second copy is requested members pay a $15.00 fee. (to be voted and finalized by the board, currently not in effect.)

Can I have a friend bring his boat and motor over and launch at the members-only boat launch site?

No, only property owners who have to the proper stickers can launch your own boats with motors. Then lake rules apply that are listed in the rules addendum to the bylaws.