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Committees (temporary and standing)

NOTE: You can sign up to be on a committee by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, sending an email to or sending a letter to P.O. Box 916, Evart, MI 49631.


1) (T) Bylaw committee (visit the current bylaws, and clarify/update where needed)

            a) board chairman will be on this committee.

            b) review, and clear up verbiage in current bylaws to make them more relevant and understandable.           

            c) strip unrelated issues from the bylaws.

            d) return more say and control of matters to the membership. (limit board control)


2) (S) Election/Voting committee (conducts the elections and manages election policy)

            a) runs the annual election for board members, using accepted voting POLICY

            b) communicates opening's and gathers interested parties for nomination.

            c) Handles the complete voting process from beginning to end, on any and all membership voting issues  


3) (S) Road committee  (monitor, investigate, study, track road needs)

            a) develop 5 year road plan from engineering input, and publish

            b) coordinate all road projects to be funded under capitalization fund

            c) coordinate normal road "maintenance" (including brining)

            d) respond to all immediate road "issues" as they arise.

            e) coordinate snow removal in winter.

            f) maintain road signage in good repair.


4) (S) Financial/Budget committee (assist in budget work, and assist treasurer in what ever need)

            a) Treasurer shall be chair of this committee.

            b) assist in the day to day handling of funds

            c) oversees the issuance of dues invoices

            d) works to obtain full dues payments (collections process)

            e) Assist the board, treasurer in the  annual budgeting process


5) (S) Grounds committee (coordinates and completes projects and maintenance)

            a) coordinates and establishes interested parties for specific groups.

                        1) Entrance group      

                        2) Park, clubhouse beach group. (campground????)

                        3) Trash area/buildings group

            b) coordinates volunteer "projects"

            c) coordinates any and all contractor required work should volunteers not be enough.

                        1) Qualify and run bid packages for contractor work. (insurance/license)


6) (S) Membership committee (track, monitor and maintain accurate membership data up to and including contact information, and "standing". Requires upmost confidentiality.

            a) work with budget/financial committee to verify and monitor membership status

            b) Keep current ACCURATE list of all members

            c) obtain as much as possible, all accurate contact information

            d) develop a "welcome" package for all new members with necessary information

                        1) Copy of bylaws

                        2) gate cards

                        3) local information, PO, food stores, hardware, etc, etc

                        4) Miramichi information (trash, boat ramp, etc)


7) (S)  Social Committee (arrange all social affairs of the association)


Committee rules

1) Overseen by and answer to the board. Board has ultimate approval on all issues.

2) provide monthly reports at monthly board meeting.

3) committees shall be comprised of no fewer than three and no more than 7 members.

4) Chair elected by it's members.

5) Work as a team. No personal agenda's. (Remember everything is for the benefit of the association)

6) must partake in as many meetings a possible.

7) respect for one another and each others opinions.

Committee Registration

Please fill out the information below.

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