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Billing Update - Upon review of the billing data provided to the new board by the past  management company,  we found several inconsistencies that need to be addressed. As a result, we are going to delay sending out the invoices for a couple of weeks to allow time to make the corrections and do a final review to ensure that everyone is billed correctly and fairly. The due date will be extended this year until 4/30/24 to accommodate this delay. For planning purposes, the


2024 dues schedule is as follows:


                                                                  $672 Home on either Lake

                                                                  $538 Home not on either Lake

                                                                  $337 Lot on either Lake

                                                                  $238 Lot not on either Lake

                                                                  $102 Contiguous Lot 


We understand that the delay is inconvenient,  however it is important to the Board that we move forward with accurate information.


Thank You,

LMPOA Board of Directors

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